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BCAA + Lysine ensures lightning fast regeneration and protection of muscle

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BCAA - Lysine 1500 mg is a product with increased content of branched amino acids BCAA, what increases muscle mass synthesis, increases strength, and also increases the content of amino acid lysine, which helps to produce collagen, tissue regeneration, supports and speeds up healing time of the immune system.

BCAA + Lysine ensures lightning fast regeneration and protection of muscle

BCAA s are branched chain of amino acids L- leucine, L-isoleucine and L- valine, which are among the essential acids. Its mean, the body can’t produce them. During athletic performance which can be aerobic or anaerobic training, BCAA suffers losses, and the result is the devastation of active muscle mass. Providing of BCAA in the period before the start of any physical activity protects muscle mass

Under the influence of intensive physical activity depletes the energy reserve, which consists of glycogen and starts the creation of energy from the branched chain amino acids. However, this situation can be prevented by add amino acids. During the through diet they can’t take in the required amount, and therefore it is often necessary for athletes the intake of BCAA in the form of dietary supplements. BCAA amino acids are metabolized in the muscle rather than the liver and their biggest advantage can be seen as supporting the ability of regeneration after demanding workouts. They are a popular addition to protection and muscle growth and regeneration.

Effects of BCAA

  • increase the quality and quantity of muscle mass
  • muscle mass growth support
  • restore strength and speed up recovery
  • muscle mass protection against damage during any strenuous physical performance
  • Muscle mass protection from devastation during reduction of overweight
  • plenty of free branched chain amino acids for even tougher training
  • increasing the absolute strength
  • fat burning and weight reduction

Lysine is an essential amino acid. It is very rare in the human body. Itself it can’t be produced. Where is lack of lysine in the body, the ability to utilize other amino acids is limited. Lysine has the ability to produce collagen, which is essential in restoring damaged areas of blood vessels, and also contribute to reversing the course of cardiovascular disease. Moreover, it promotes collagen formation, tissue regeneration, and it is instrumental in the development of muscles. It plays a role in the absorption of calcium. In addition, it supports the immune system fight against cold, herpes, cold sores and speeds healing.

Effects of lysine

  • support the immune system and antibody production
  • treatment of cold, herpes and cold sores
  • acceleration of wound healing
  • support calcium absorption
  • maintain nitrogen balance in the body
  • stimulating collagen production , tissue growth and repair
  • support the creation of muscle proteins, enzymes and hormones
  • protects vessels and heart
  • Detoxification of lean

BCAA+Lysine made for who?

BCAA + Lysine from GymBeam is for everyone, whether physically active people or athletes who have hard working plan. In addition, it is an excellent supplement for muscle recovery and its protection. It is well suited for those who want to lose weight, and also don’t want to lose heavily developed muscles.


L-Leucine , L- Isoleucine , L- Valine , calcium hydrogen phosphate , microcrystalline cellulose , magnesium stearate

Direction for use

Take 4 tablets 20 minutes before and 4 tablets after training. On a day off take one dose in the morning on an empty stomach and one at bedtime.

Nutritional facts

Nutrition facts
1 serving (4 tablets)
L-leucine2000 mg
L-izoleucine1000 mg
L-valine1000 mg
L-lysine HCL2000 mg

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