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L-Glutamine is an excellent source for growth, protection and regeneration of muscles. It's an amino acid, that improves immunity, controls the balance of proteins, prevents muscle loss, increases the secretion of growth hormone, cell regeneration and has an anabolic effect. It makes up 60% of amino acids in the muscles, and at high performance it is advisable to supplement. Beware 500g version is packed in a bag and not in the jar.

L-glutamine for immune system and muscle protection

L-glutamine is one of the most common amino acids in our body, and makes up more than 61% od muscle fibers. It consists of 19% nitrogen, and therefore is the primary carrier of nitrogen into muscle cells. Glutamine provides enough material for growth and repair of muscles. Glutamine along with BCAAs is among the most commonly usedsupplements in an effort to protect muscle mass and recovery.

It is produced form a nonessential amino acid- glutamic acid, which the body can't produce by itself. During stress period, illness or hard training, do muscles and immune system need so much glutamine, that the body can't cover and therefore needs to be supplemented. The use of L-glutamine as a dietary supplement reduces muscle breakdown and has a positive effect on the growth hormone level.


Why take L-glutamine? 

Continual use of L-Glutamine from Gym Beam creates anti-catabolic state and even from the very first dose supports growth hormone production. Supplying our body with an appropriate amount of glutamine with the effect of muscle cell growth after any type of training leads to a state when our muscles are not dependent on the comsumption of its own glutamine, located in the body.


L-glutamine belongs to preventive and regenerating supplements with strong anti-catabolic effects. Level of glutamine during training is low, what decreases strength, stamina and recovery. It may surprise you, but it can take up to 6 days until your glutamine levels return to normal. Glutamine plays a key role in the detoxification of the body, regulates the formation of glycogen in the liver and is a fuel in many tissues. Recent studies have shown that even 2g of L-glutamine can increase hormone growth levels by up to 400%. 


Benefits and effects of L-glutamine

• prevents catabolism (loss) of muscle mass
• prevents the production of lactic acid in muscles
• helps to maintain cell volume and hydration
• speeds up the healing of wounds
• increases glycogen production in the liver
• regulates the balance and metabolism of protein
• immune system primary energy source 
• improves bowel function and digestive tract
• supports the formation of testosterone and growth hormone
• protects the body against overtraining
• speeds up the healing of ulcers

Who is L-glutamine made for?

Vôbec neplatí, že glutamín patrí len do kulturistiky a fitnessu. Aj keď zohráva najdôležitejšiu úlohu v záverečnej fáze pred súťažov, pokiaľ je snahou zvyšovanie výkonnosti a zníženie telesnej hmotnosti. Je vhodný v rysovacom období. Jeho úloha je však nenahraditeľná pri každom športe, či už sú to ľahkoatletické vytrvalostné športy alebo energeticky náročnejšie športy, ako napríklad trojboj či bojové športy. 

L-glutamine is not only for bodybuilding and fitness. However it's very important in the final stages prior to competition in the effort to increase performance and reduce body weight. It's suitable for cutting phases. Its role, however, is irreplaceable in any sport, whether it's light-athletic endurance sports or energy-demanding sports such as triathlon or martial arts.



L-glutamine 100%


Direction for use:

Standard dose is 5 g, that is, 1 teaspoon, should be taken mixed in 200 ml of water 2 times daily. In training days is recommended to use 5 g hour before and 5 g immediately after training. On off days, take 5-10 g of L-glutamine before bed.

The daily dose should not exceed 20 g. For competitive athletes weighing over 100 kg daily dose should not be higher than 40 g.

Appropriate timing of use:

  • before training - to protect muscles during the training and burn fat
  • after training - to fastest get to the muscles and they can protect and regenerate
  • at night - to increase secretion of growth hormone
  • morning - in order to add nutrients to the muscles


Nutritional facts

Nutritional facts
1 serving (7 g)
L-glutamine5334 mg

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